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by Kanaus on Nov 09, 2021

New blog Kanaus

In Kanous we are happy to introduce you to this new space and we want to give you a cordial welcome to our world, of which you are already part. A blog dedicated 100% to our readers, where you can learn more about our products, technologies, innovations and some important events.

We decided to honor the month of October with a contribution to: "month of awareness of breast cancer" or better known as "pink month", which gives us all from our spaces to spread actions that contribute to attract attention and to confirm the importance of early detection, both in women and men.

International Fight against Breast Cancer

The World Health Organization declared on October 19 as the "International Day for the Fight against Breast Cancer" and is represented by a pink loop.

But have you ever wondered why a pink loop?

In summary, the story begins in 1990 when Susan G. Komen, winner of breast cancer, and global leader of the movement since 1982, gave pink visors at the end of a marathon for the benefit of the movement. Later in 1992 Alexandra Penney, editor of the magazine Self for female health and Evelyn Lauder, vice president of Estée Lauder, organized the second edition of the Campaign of Awareness on Breast Cancer in New York, and as part of it, They distributed pink ties in the city's cosmetics stores. At the same time, Charlotte Hayley, winner of the disease, carried out another awareness campaign and distributed peach ties to raise funds. Penney and Lauder were interested in Hayley's campaign, analyzed the color and concluded that it is brilliant, vibrant and gives a sense of health and well -being, all the opposite of what cancer represents. This was how from that moment on and to date the pink loop would become the international symbol for the awareness of breast cancer.

Today we can identify this symbol wherever we see it, especially during the month of October. Not only do we relate the loop, but also the color that also helps to exposure to the foundations that campaigns in which we can all contribute. With this cause that has moved our soul, we want to thank you for inspiring and teaching ourselves to being brave, their fight inspires us never surrendering and always moving forward in each adversity. Warriors and warriors are not alone, in Kanous we commit ourselves to the donation of 10% of our rosy products to the Alma Foundation.