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by Kanaus on Nov 09, 2021

Good end Kanous 2021

By Kanaus

November 9, 2021

It is November and the good end is near ...

It is November and the good end is near ... and thousands of people are already preparing to take advantage of the best offers of the whole year. During these dates all companies and businesses, whether they have physical or online stores, offer the best discounts and prices to their customers, and in Kanous we are not far behind, it is more ahead of the good end so that you are the first in taking advantage of discounts.

 What is the good end? 

The good end is an initiative that began in 2011 and is a date on which discounts and promotions are not lacking, with the purpose of promoting the economy. and promote sales in small and medium enterprises. With the current situation caused by COVID 19, online purchases have increased, people generate confidence to do them in this way. The good end 2021 represents a great opportunity to encourage the country's economic recovery after pandemic.

On this occasion Kanous advances to give you an extra week of discounts and promotions, varying products every week, thinking of you and your favorite products. You will know the new first discounts, you will find out about the new promotions ... and you will be one of the first people to take advantage of them!

During the 3 weeks that will last the good end in Kanous we will be renewing and adding new promotions and discounts better, you can not miss them!